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Black Obsidian Casing Ring


Sterling silver ring with a round black obsidian stone. The stone has a 2 cm diameter and the casing of the ring is 1 cm thick.

Meaning: Black Obsidian is a natural occurred volcanic glass which arises once lava cools down very rapidly without being crystallized. Black Obsidian is the stone for development. It stimulates your development as a human being and heals your soul. The stone also protects you from dark powers and gives you strength when you are in need.

One of a kind: All the round flat stones have the same size. It is a natural product so the pattern of the stones may vary. The setting of the stones may vary because the rings are handmade

Birthstone: Sagittarius

Material: Sterling Silver and black obsidian
Production: Handmade

Available sizes (US): 5, 6, 7, 8

Fashionology Silver Black Obsidian Casing Ring
  • Fashionology Silver Black Obsidian Casing Ring

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