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Born in 2009 as a natural reaction to the old fashioned jewelry
shopping experience, Fashionology was created to be the place for
women like you; real, curious, conscious, modern, smart and mindful.
Here at Fashionology you can find contemporary, personalized,
minimal and playful jewelry, designed with attention and made of
high quality materials.

Fashionology is also a love for design, a walk through your favorite
museum, a dinner party with friends, a Sunday well spent with your
family at home and long hikes on the beach.

Fashionology has over 80 points of sale like De Bijenkorf, Hutspot
and our online store


All jewelry is handcrafted using high quality material such as
925 silver, gold plating and 14k gold, often combined with minimalistic
gemstones. We handcraft, handpick, and personally inspect every
item to ensure that every piece of jewelry meets your quality standards.


We’re aesthetically driven, passionate to reinvent classics with a modern
twist and always hunting for new surprising combinations.


We care for you and want to get to know you. Reach out to our team
for style advise, a simple hello, feedback or in case you have any specific
needs. We’ll be there!


We know that we cannot change the world overnight, but we try to
reduce the impact on the environment by using recycled or eco materials
as much as possible. We keep our workspace small and keep everything as
compact as possible. We prefer to grow organically and avoid unnecessary
waste. We do not believe in fast fashion. Instead, we try to design collections,
made of the finest materials, that allows you to mix and match jewelry from
different collections. We also develop packaging that you can reuse. For
example, you can use our canvas logo bags while traveling or for your make-up
and you can store your jewelry in our eco pvc bags to protect them and prevent
discoloration or use them as storage for other tiny stuff. If you select the eco
packaging option in the check-out then we will ship your order as eco friendly
as possible, without extras.Our envelopes are made of recycled paper and
include an extra adhesive strip for returns, this saves you money and the
environment paper ;-)

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle


We believe in fair pricing. To make luxury accessible, we produce as
efficiently and affectively as possible and we have been working ethically
justified with the same production team since 2009. Basically, our jewelry
is handcrafted with the same materials and quality craftsmanship
as other jewelry brands but without the extra markups.


Meet the founder and creative mind behind the brand

Rotterdam-based Rachel Baan studied Arts and Culture Science. During her
study she was inspired to create everyday jewelry for modern women, born
from the art she studied. It was never really about being a jewelry designer.
The love for design, materials,and the women they are designed for
have always been her main focus. Rachel is a woman who knows who she
is and what she wants, she’s grounded while being a classic go-getter.
She continues to re-discover and re-invent herself and her jewelry to stay
engaged and happy.

Rachel likes to design jewelry for different generations and puts women
at the heart of her designs. Her pieces feel contemporary, minimalistic and
playful, without feeling too forced and trendy. Combining jewelry from
previous collections, designing consciously and eco friendly, fair pricing
and creating pieces that are adaptable for different women are important
to her.

Her brand is a reflection of Rachel’s ever evolving taste, combined with
the inspiration women give her and paired with her down-to-earth Dutch

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