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Jewelry Care

Every piece of fashionology jewelry is hand-crafted and made from sterling silver, often with one of a kind stones and components, and requires delicate handling. After each wear, gently wipe the jewelry with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth and store the jewelry in a dry, jewelry friendly place.

Our endless hoops need a special, but easy, instruction on how to close them. When we make the hoops we finish them with the pin quite tight into the tube of the hoop; this is for quality reasons. When you open them to put them into your ears they, therefore, sometimes don’t close directly. The key on how to close them is to bend the pin just a little bit with your fingers until the pin slips pretty easily into the tube of the hoop. Next, put them in your ears an you’ll notice that they close surprisingly fast. Once you hear the 'click' you're done :-)

Hoops need delicate handling, as they're tiny and fragile. If you're having problems, please contact us and we will help you!

Our natural stones vary in shape, size and color and may contain small irregularities. Your piece has individual characteristics and although equally as beautiful and unique they may vary slightly from the photograph. Be very careful with our natural stones and components: avoid bumping them against another object or dropping them because this may cause them to break or chip. We are not able to exchange for a different piece. 

Open bangles and rings
Bend open bangles or rings once to the preferred size. Don't bend the bangle anymore after it has been adjusted to the preferred size. Otherwise the material gets tired which causes it to break.

Discoloring (chemicals)
When you haven't worn your piece in a while, or have kept it in your pouch since you purchased it, you will probably have to clean it, as sterling silver stays clean and shiny for a longer time when you wear it. 

Most people don't know that sterling silver may discolor (temporarily) when exposed to chemicals, such as chlorine in pool water. It is recommended to put your jewelry on after to minimize the contact with these chemicals. However if your sterling silver piece has been discolored, for example, after swimming in a pool which contained a high amount of chlorine, then keep on wearing your piece and clean it regulary with soap, after a few days you'll see that the discoloration is totally gone :-)

If you are concerned or have questions about jewelry care then please contact us at
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