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How to close earrings

The Endless
Open the hoop and bend it just a little with your fingers until the pin slips into the tube of the hoop.
Now you can put it in your ear and you’ll notice that the hoop closes surprisingly fast. Once you hear
the ‘click’ you’re done.

The Huggie
Open the huggie, pierce it in your ear and close the huggie by pushing the ends towards each other.
Too loose? Open the huggie and bend the pin a little bit downwards. Too tight?
Open the huggie
and bend the pin a little bit upwards.

The Earpin
The easiest of all. Take off the back, put the earpin in your ear and slide the back over the pin until it
touches the back of your earlobe. Make sure the back slights straight over the earpin.


The Twist
Open the hoop by placing the hoop between thumb and index finger of both hands, with the opening of the hoop in
the middle. Twist, by bending right hand up and left hand down. Place the hoop in your ear and twist


The Sleeper
Delicately open the hoop by lifting the loop up. Place the hook in your ear, from front to back, and put
the hook in the loop.

The Earhook
The only earring of all which doesn’t actually closes, as its a hook. When you notice, before putting it in,
that the opening is a bit too small for your earlope delicately bend it
a little bit open and then put it in.
Slightly close the earhook, by delicately pressing it towards the other end
until you notice it can’t fall out anymore.
Some choose to completely close the hook.

The Safety
Open the safety by pushing the pin carefully out of its tube. Next you pull it up. Place the safety in your
ear and press the pin back in its place.

The Tube
Pull out the pin of the tube and make the pin a little bit irregular by slightly bending it. Next put the pin
back in the tube. You will now notice that the pin pinches in the tube. If it doesn't pinch repeat these steps.

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